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Different vehicles that can be used for industrial and construction purposes.

Vehicles are not only used for travelling. There are various types of vehicles used for industrial purposes as well and in construction sites. Parking cleaners are one of the most common construction vehicles. The vehicle has different types of brooms at the bottom. These brooms can work through either vacuuming or sweeping. Sweeping parking cleaners are driven across the dirty area for them to function. The vehicles then move the dirt aside so that it may be collected at a future time. Truck that are of the vacuuming nature function through the process of sucking the dirt into a fitted suction tank. The litter is then thrown to a designated location after it accumulates.

Another special type of truck used in construction is the asphalt truck. These trucks have a large capacity and are often used in the construction of roads. The carriage area of the truck is first filled with asphalt. After the truck arrives at the construction site, the carriage is raised by using a hydraulic lift and the asphalt is poured down on the road. After being lain on the road, the asphalt is pressed down into a layer. This is a must have for any road construction site.

Sewer cleaners are the third category of industrial use vehicles. Sewer cleaners contain vacuum systems for them to function well. The pressure of these systems is around two hundred bars. Pipes are placed inside the sewers and then suction is done until the sewers are unclogged. There is another type of sewer cleaning trucks that operates through the process of jetting. This process is done by pushing a pipe with high pressure water into the sewers. The high pressure in the water forcefully moves all the dirt out of the sewer. The pipe moves deeper and deeper into the sewer lines clearing more dirt on its way.

Another type of construction-based vehicle is the hydro evacuation truck. These truck are also known as hydrovacs in the construction circles. This truck uses water flowing at a very high pressure to break down soil particles and debris in a construction site as well as a vacuum system. After evacuation, the debris that accumulates is placed in a debris tank located at the back of the vehicle. There are many people that prefer hydrovacs to other extraction methods as hydrovacs are high efficient. Hydrovacs do not damage areas that are not needed in the construction work.

Forklifts also fall into this category of industrial vehicles. Forklifts are powered trucks that are used to ferry items in the industrial setting. Fork lifts are also used in warehouses to move heavy merchandise. They are very effective as they do not require a lot of manpower to be run.
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